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Dental Patient Newsletter Service

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Dental Patient Newsletter Service

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Dental Patient Newsletter Service

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How to keep patients thinking of YOU…

Dental Patient Newsletters


How to keep patients thinking of YOU…

Dental Patient Newsletters


How to keep patients thinking of YOU…


Patient Loyalty in the Era of COVID-19: Strategies for Success

Clifford Yurman
Publisher, ReadOurNews!
Dr. Howard Hindin
President, AAPMD

Join Clifford S. Yurman, publisher of ReadOurNews!, as he presents tactics for staying connected with patients in the era of COVID-19. Hosted by Howard G. Hindin, DDS, President, American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry (AAPMD)

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Effortless promotion for practice growth.

ReadOurNews!™ from MCS lets you promote and communicate with ease!

This cost-effective, time-saving service helps drive awareness and patient retention for your single- or multi-office practice. Best of all, ReadOurNews!™ requires no extra work for you or your staff – just enjoy the compliments!

ReadOurNews! Four powerful promotional tools in ONE!

Dental News Ticker!

Your Own Blog!

Patient eNewsletters!

Social Media Posts!

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Before & After

BEFORE ReadOurNews!

  • Patients hear nothing from you, lose interest
  • Absence on social media: “Are they still in business?”
  • Stale practice website: “How old is this thing?”
  • Competitors pick away at your patient base

AFTER ReadOurNews!

  • Patients hear from you regularly!
  • Your social media pages are packed with great content!
  • Your website gets the latest stories posted automatically!
  • You have a better chance of retaining your patients!

The Q &A…

Why is patient communications so important?

COVID-19 closed dental offices, preventing patients from visiting.  Even as offices reopen, most patients remained out of touch with their dentists for an extended period.

Frequent patient communications – providing useful, quality content – helps keep patients focused on the practice – creating a feeling of inclusion. It’s worth the small investment to keep patients close.

What do you mean by "Curated" Content versus "Original" Content

CURATED Content (Bronze, Gold and Silver Plans) includes articles, videos, blog posts and more that we research (curate) to be included in the news feeds we supply to our clients. Curating the right dentistry-specific content can be challenging and time consuming. 

ORIGINAL Dental-Related Content (Platinum Plan) includes blog posts that our company creates exclusively for our clients.

Why is ORIGINAL content better?

Curating useful Web articles and posting them to an eNewsletter or Social Media page shows your audience that you want to stay current and provide useful information to them – that’s the good news. 

The bad news is, when users click on that curated article, they are taken from your own media property to “somewhere else”.  In effect, this may distract users from continuing a dialog with you and your practice.

When users click on an ORIGINAL article, however, this takes them to back your own blog. So, in effect, ORIGINAL content keeps users focused on you and your practice.

It’s still fine to use curated content, but original content is preferred, according to marketing experts.

Why do you recommend the Platinum Plan? Aren't you just trying to make more money?

It’s not just the money.  Our Platinum Plan gives you the ORIGINAL dental content we described above. Your customized blog site is by far one of the best in the business with outstanding design and great features. Take the tour!

Plus, the Platinum Plan rewards you with a higher level of service, such as personalizing your eNewsletters, help with your Social Media pages, consultations and more, bonus services and more.

ReadOurNews! Plans

Bronze Plan (Free!)

If you just want a quality article each month to attract your patients and prospects, the Bronze Plan gives you a compact news feed you can install on your website displaying that one article link.

If you try it and like it, you can upgrade to Silver or one of our other premium plans.

Sliver Plan

Many dentists love to share interesting, humorous or entertaining articles with patients –  but discovering and selecting the right content can be challenging and time-consuming.

Our Silver Plan takes the hassle out of finding just the right curated content for you to share. We’ll give you a compact news feed to install on your website PLUS articles laid out on a full-page blog .  It’s the easy way to keep your site fresh and interesting without any work!

If you want to do it yourself, you can use these articles to create a patient eNewsletter and/or post to your Social Media pages – or choose the Gold Plan and we’ll do it for you.

Gold Plan

Want to save even more time? We’ll assemble selected articles into an eye-catching Patient eNewsletter we’ll send out each month to your email list.  PLUS, we’ll post individual curated content on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Best of all, we do everything, you and your staff do nothing!

Platinum Plan

Our recommended package! We’ll provide original articles on a customized, dedicated blog site linked to your own website.  Unlike curated content, when users click on articles, they never leave your property!

We’ll also send an attractive eNewsletter to your patients with links to your blog. Plus, we’ll post individual articles to Facebook and Twitter. We’ll even purchase Facebook boosts to target your local audience.  It’s effortless, comprehensive practice promotion!


Want something different? Let our consultants create a package that’s right for you!   



1 Article/Month

Keep your website looking up-to-date! Save time finding articles!

1 quality CURATED dental-related item displayed every month

News feed widget appears wherever you like on your website (sidebar recommended)

Use CURATED articles to post to Social Media or email to patients, yourself.

Free setup/maintenance!



6 Articles/Month

Keep your website looking up-to-date! Save hours of time finding articles! 

6 quality CURATED dental-related items displayed every month

News feed widget appears wherever you like on your website (sidebar recommended)

Dedicated blog page included!

Use CURATED articles to post to Social Media or email to patients, yourself

Free setup/maintenance!


+ Patient eNewsletter
+ Social Media

Keep your website looking up-to-date! Save hours finding articles! 

6 quality CURATED dental-related articles displayed every month

News feed widget appears wherever you like on your website (sidebar recommended)

Dedicated blog page included!

Personalized Dental Patient Newsletter sent through your CMS (Lighthouse, Solution Reach, etc.) or email program (Constant Contact, Mailchimp)
We do it for you!

Articles posted to Social Media pages (Facebook and Twitter)
We do it for you!

Free setup/maintenance!


ORIGINAL Content +  Dedicated Blog +
Patient eNewsletter + Social Media


Your own DEDICATED BLOG SITE! Save hours writing posts! 

6 quality ORIGINAL dental-related articles displayed every month

News feed widget appears wherever you like on your website, links to your dedicated blog
Take the tour! 

Personalized Dental Patient Newsletter sent through your CMS (Lighthouse, Solution Reach) or email program (Constant Contact, Mailchimp)
We do it for you!

Articles posted to Social Media pages (Facebook and Twitter)
We do it for you!

Optional Facebook Boost campaigns for all your posts!
We do it for you!

Free setup/maintenance!

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You can’t afford to be silent.

Patient Engagement

SIMPLE FACT: The more you reach out to patients, the more they’ll return and refer.

Yes, you have a loyal patient base, but not every patient remembers and refers you. You need to be on their radar, or they may wander. 

That’s why engagement tactics, such as Blogging, Social Media and eNewsletters, are not just a “nice-to-have”, they’re essential for staying competitive.

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“We really have no time for this.”


You’re not alone! Health care practices, large and small, rarely have the time to be blogging, emailing and posting.

That’s why we developed ReadOurNews!™ – for savvy practices that understand the crucial importance of patient engagement.

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ReadOurNews! Platinum Plan:
3 Effective Tactics In One Package!

TACTIC No. 1:  Your Own Practice Blog! (Platinum Plan)

Health Care Blog Service

As Bill Gates once said, “Content is King.”

Give people informative, entertaining content, and they’ll say “Thank You!” – with MORE visits and referrals. ReadOurNews!™ has the features you need for effective blogging without any effort

  • Fresh high-quality content each and every month! Articles, quizzes, videos – more!
  • Premium licensed photography and illustrations!
  • Customized! Your logo, info, color palette!
  • Eye-catching news ticker for your website!
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Enticing content on great health topics like these…

Dental Phobia

Blogging Services for Doctors

Want to see what your blog will look like? Click for a demo! No cost or obligation!

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Social Media Posting Services

An array of benefits boosts the quality of your posts, effortlessly!

  • Each article from your ReadOurNews!™ blog posted to Facebook and Twitter (Silver and Platinum)!
  • No re-posting! The content you post comes from your own blog, not “somewhere else”! (Platinum only)
  • Save hours creating and posting content!
  • Optional Facebook Ad Boosts ensure targeted reach to geographic area, your followers and their friends (Silver and Platinum)!

Want to see what your Social Media pages could look like? Click the orange button for a live demo!

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eNewsletters are now the standard for effective Patient Engagement!

  • Get your practice name in front of patients more frequently!
  • Tell us about special promotions or practice news, and we’ll include it in your email – no additional cost!
  • We do all the heavy lifting – no work required!
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Attractive, inviting eNewsletters link right to your own practice’s blog.

Did you know? eNewsletters have the highest Effectiveness Score of any promotional medium!

(Source: Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs Study, 2016)

Patient Newsletter Services

Want to see what your eNewsletter will look like? Click to request a live demo!

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What clients say about our company…

ReadOurNews!™ is brought to you by Media Consulting Services, providing communications services for the Health Care industry since 1990.  Read some of our Google Reviews…

We just renewed our contract with MCS!  The e-Newsletter “Great New Me!” is a beautifully crafted & professional addition to our website and our social media sites.

I highly recommend Cliff Yurman and MCS to manage online Social Media Marketing. He responds quickly and efficiently by phone, and/or is happy to make an office visit to discuss or promote our practice.

Unlike many online marketing & SEO firms who are faceless businesses more interested in the “sale” of a promotion package, Cliff is a individual with integrity & commitment.

We give him the highest recommendation. We trust his judgment and are very proud to display his work in association with our practice.

Scott Fine, DDS

Owner, Fine Dental New York

Jeff and I have confidence in the energy Cliff puts into his work and his creativity.

Howard Hindin, DDS

Owner, The Hindin Center

Cliff Yurman and I have been working on Internet strategies using social media to promote our practice. He never presented a cookie cutter solution, but has shown us what has been working, or not working, for others.
We are seeing an increasing amount of people who find us from the “Net”. If this trend continues, I believe that the Internet will be our primary source of new patients. Our belief is that you need to have a consulting service that is willing to evolve continuously. To date Cliff has served us well.
Daniel Babiec, DDS

Bradlee Dental Care

I have been working with Media Consulting for quite a few years now. Cliff and his company have been the best web developers and SEO for my practice.

I have used 3 other web professionals with poor to average results. Cliff has been willing to try new and unique Internet marketing and branding strategies. He has also guided my practice in other platforms such as webinars, podcasts, and youtube channels.

My practice has tried almost every marketing/advertising avenue there is. What has worked best in my area (greater Chicago and suburbs) to attract patients is our website, SEO, and Newsletter created by Cliff and Media Consulting.

John J. Kelly, DDS

Owner, John J. Kelly, DDS

Outstanding! Cliff did a great job with the newsletter.  It has relevant content; looks very professional; and includes appropriate links to pertinent, health related news stories. Quick turnaround, responsive and great customer service.

I’ve recommended Cliff to a client who operates 15 eye centers in Pennsylvania and will utilize him for our other verticals in the health care and cosmetic medical services sectors.

Mac Fadra

Director, Maxim Hair Restoration

We know, we know…

Dental marketing

Promoting your practice is a lot like broccoli … you’re pretty sure it’s good for you, you just don’t buy it. Isn’t now a great time to start keeping your practice healthy? (The broccoli, we leave up to you).

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